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Tile Backdrops

Tile Backdrops

tile-vinyl.jpg Tile photography backgrounds are a wonderful prop to use in photographs. They have a continuous design to them that will add an artistic and elegant touch to your photography sessions. With our large selection to choose from, you are going to find exactly what it is you need to frame your subjects perfectly. 

An embossed tile design will lend elegant and luxury to your pictures. There is something very regal about it that will carry over to the actual photos. This would be a great photo backdrop to use for bridal photography, engagement photography or couple photography. We also think they would be a wonderful choice for family portraits. If you need something for newborn baby photography, why not go for a more colorful tile photo backdrop? You can pick from vivid colors, pastel colors and diamond print studio backdrops. And did we mention that we have tile studio backgrounds in practically every color under the rainbow? There is aqua blue, grass green, pale pink, regal purple, deep ocean blue, sunny orange and even pretty fuschia. Whatever shade it is you are on the hunt for, we have a feeling that you will be able to find it at The Backdrop Shop. 

Featured here are all of our tile photo backgrounds made up of vinyl. Vinyl photo backdrops are one of our favorite types of backgrounds to shoot against. This is because you won’t get a glare from any light, which will make the retouching process fast and easy. If you plan on traveling a lot to different locations, you won’t have to worry about vinyl studio background ripping like a paper counterpart would. And if for some reason if your backdrop gets a little dirty, have no worries! Vinyl is very easy and fast to clean off, which is a major bonus. In addition, our vinyl photography backgrounds are extremely affordable. This way you can shop to your heart’s content and add as much as you want to your prop collection without breaking the bank.