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Solid Backdrops

Solid Backdrops

solid-vinyl.jpg Solid photography backdrops are a must for both amateur photographers and professional photographers. They are a great way to crisp up a photo, while having all the focus be on your subject. 

What’s great about our solid studio backdrops is that we have pretty much every color you can think of. Will you be setting up for a newborn baby photo session? Then how about setting up a lovely, solid yellow photo backdrop or a pale blue photography backdrop? You can hang it up or lay it out on the floor depending on how you want to set up your shoot. For engagement photography, wedding photography or bridal photography, a solid cream backdrop, solid white backdrop, solid silver backdrop or solid gold backdrop would all be such amazing choices. Teen photo shoots should be fun and lively. For those, why not opt for a solid, neon blue backdrop, solid black backdrop, bright orange backdrop or even a vibrant green backdrop? 

In addition to offering a huge selection of colors to shoot against, you can also purchase different sizes. What’s the point of offering small, medium and large photo backdrops? This way you can purchase the measurements that fit your photography needs the best. When your main photography focuses are on shooting smaller products, such as jewelry or accessories, you wouldn’t need a photo backdrop as large as one that would be needed to pose an entire family in front of. We want to do whatever possible we can so that you can completely your photo sessions fast and easy. 

And did you know that we sell vinyl backdrops for photography because of how durable it is? Vinyl studio backgrounds are strong, will last through many photo sessions, won’t give off a glare and are easy to clean off. 

Happy shooting!