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Scenic & Landscape Backdrops

Scenic & Landscape Backdrops

scenic-vinyl.jpg Scenic photo backdrops are fantastic to shoot against. After all, you can’t always magically hop in a plane whenever you want to change up your background. This is where our fabulous and affordable photographer’s backdrops come in! 

At The Backdrop Shop, you can shop for everything from adorable Wizard of Oz photography backdrops and woodsy forest photo backgrounds, to farm tractor vinyl backgrounds and endless fields of grass. And what’s great is that because we sell cheap photo props, you will be able to purchase many of them without breaking the bank. In one photoshoot, you can use so many different photo backdrops, that it will look as if your subject traveled the world in just a few hours. Or maybe you are in need of a seasonal look? We have lots and lots of snow backgrounds, fall backdrops, spring-theme photo backdrops and summer studio props to browse through. By unrolling a design, you can immediately change the look of your picture. It’s so fast and simple! 

Because these are scenic vinyl photographer backdrops, you will find that they will last through numerous shoots. The material is quite strong and tear-resistant. When you store it or travel with it, you will feel at ease knowing that they will last the trip. Plus, if they get a little dirty, it’s OK because vinyl is quite easy to clean off. Another great thing about vinyl photography backgrounds? They won’t product a glare. And no glare in your pictures means less time photoshopping. And to make your shoot go even easier, we even offer a selection of sizes for you to choose from so that you can get one that fits your subject the best. 

With so many fantastic things about this type of prop, how could you not want to stock up on it?