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Frequent Questions

Welcome to The Backdrop Shop! We are absolutely thrilled you have chosen or are considering making The Backdrop Shop your ultimate photography backdrop supplier! We adore our customers and we love what we do each and every day. We get to be a part of capturing memories that last forever. We have the privilege to work alongside professional photographers, beginning photographers and people who simply want to create lasting photos of their loved ones. What we do is important because what YOU do with our backdrops is important. We're honored to help you create photos that stand out in the crowd. No more boring backgrounds, no more predictable settings for your subjects. With over 2,000 unique backdrop designs, your creative juices will overflow with excitement. We hear it all the time... "How can I choose just one or two? I want them all!". Sit back, relax and have fun browsing our extensive backdrop collection. Most importantly, let us know if we can help you in any way. We're always happy to hear from you!

Q: What is the difference between vinyl and polypro?
A: We sell the very best quality backdrops. Period. We only print on the finest materials in the industry because we think you deserve the best. All backdrops are available in your choice of vinyl or polypropylene with exception of 6ft x 6ft size and larger. Vinyl is the most popular choice of the two options as it is very heavyweight, the most durable and travel friendly. Vinyl can withstand heavy handling, can be used outdoors, can be wiped clean easily and is also a better choice when used as floor drops as it can handle the use of props and foot traffic without worry. Although vinyl is widely used producing zero glare, polypro is a great alternative for photographers using strobes/flash as it has a dead flat finish and is guaranteed glare free. Unlike vinyl, our polypro material is not suggested for cake smashes or messy photoshoots as it cannot be wiped clean as easily. Polypro is lighter in weight than vinyl but is still tear proof and waterproof.

Our vinyl backdrops are 100% glare-free matte material. Some inks (particularly dark inks such as red, black, brown and dark gray) may naturally offer a bit of sheen to a finished printed vinyl backdrop. Although we very rarely receive concerns about sheen, we happily offer a poly paper option in lieu of vinyl for customers who are concerned about any sheen at all, even when minimal. Vinyl is the most popular choice among the two options as it is the most durable and travel friendly. Poly paper can be a great alternative over vinyl for photographers who want to take some of the guess work and trickery out of working with lighting to get the sheen (if any) out of final shots. 


Please note that larger backdrops may come with some roll lines from shipping. These roll lines are easily removed with some heat applications. If this happens to your order contact us and we will assist you with these tips! :) We are here to help. 


Q: What is canvas?
A: Canvas backdrops are printed on the same material used for canvas art prints. Our canvas is a poly/cotton blend that is specially formulated for high print quality and long term print durability. The slight texture of our canvas backdrops lend to a warm, luxurious feel. This material is less popular than vinyl or polypro however is a sought out material by many in the photography field due to it's outstanding craftsmanship.

Q: How fast can I get my backdrops if I order today?
A: We are proud to offer the fastest turnaround time in the industry at just 1-2 business days! Upon request, we can even get your order out the door in 24 hours or less as a courtesy to speed up your delivery time. On average, please allow 2-5 business days for US deliveries and 7-15 business days for international deliveries once your backdrop order leaves our warehouse.

Please note that on rare occasion, some orders may be delayed by 1-3 Business days due to high volume orders during busy holiday seasons or high volume sales due to promotions. *Although this is very rare*, this may occur without notice. However, if you need your order shipped within 1-2 business days regardless, simply email us before or after your order is placed and let us know. We will happily try our best to push your order to the head of production to meet your needs upon request!

Q: HELP! I'm in a hurry and need my backdrops rushed! Can you do this?
A: Absolutely! We are able to courtesy rush orders out the door upon request and the shopping cart allows you to choose express shipping options. If you have a specific date you need your order by or are concerned the above time frames won't be sufficient, simply email us at and we can work with you to ensure on time delivery. Please understand that if you do not contact us before placing your order where we can arrange a delivery date for you, our estimated shipping and delivery time frames offered cannot be guaranteed as we cannot be responsible for normal delays in shipments through our carriers nor can we guarantee that your order wasn't delayed in warehouse before shipment.  

Q: Can you print oversized backdrops? How large can you print?
A: Absolutely! We can print up to 8 feet on any backdrop's shortest side and any footage on the other side.

Q: I want to order a particular backdrop but the size I want is not listed? 
A: Let us know what size you want, which item number(s) you need them in, how many backdrops you want and we can happily quote you for any large or odd size backdrops upon request. Please also submit to us your full mailing address so we can also provide you with a shipping quote at time of inquiry.

Q: How is shipping calculated? If I order multiple backdrops, can my shipping be reduced?
A: Absolutely! Backdrops are naturally heavy and bulky to ship and we make every effort to ensure that your shipping rates are as low as physically possible! We happily offer reduced shipping rates for multiple drops ordered. Our shopping cart contains a shipping calculator that calculates the items within your cart at the exact and absolute lowest shipping rates our carriers provide us. This way, you pay what we pay and you never have to worry about inflated shipping fees! Please note that photography supplies, equipment, gifts and props are shipped separately as they cannot be combined into shipping tubes so these items have their own shipping rates.

Q: How are my backdrops shipped?
A: All backdrops are shipped rolled (never folded) in heavy duty cardboard shipping tubes that can double as storage! Our preferred shipping carriers are Fedex and USPS.

Q: What size backdrop do you suggest?
A: This is a general breakdown of what we suggest our most popular squared sizes should be used for. Use this as a guide for non-squared sizes as well.
2ft x 2ft - Product Photography
3ft x 3ft - Newborn Photography (up close without props)
4ft x 4ft - Newborn Photography (with props) and Small Children or Pet Photography (without props)
5ft x 5ft - Small Children or Pet Photography (with props) and Small Groups of Children or Pet Photography (with little or no props)
6ft x 6ft, 7ft x 7ft, 8ft x 8ft and Up - Larger Groups of Children, Adults and/or Pets

Q: Which orientation are your backdrops printed in?
A: All designs are printed in width x height format as shown on your screen. Each backdrop is printed exactly as shown and is in no way altered. 

Q: What will be printed on my backdrop?
A: The watermarked image in this listing shows exactly the color and scale of the printed backdrop. The watermark shown will of course be removed from your printed backdrop. All designs are available in multiple sizes. Different sizes of the same design will differ from each other due to cropping/scaling to fit a particular size. The model images provided are for visual reference only and are not intended to represent the exact colors or scale of the final printed backdrop. All photographers use their own finishing methods and filters that may affect the final color and overall tone of the backdrop shown. Please keep in mind that the model image shown may have used a different size backdrop than what is shown in this listing. To view each size backdrop's printed design to scale , simply click the size you wish to see in the drop down box on each product page along with its material choice and that particular size's design will appear. If you still do not see the size you want, simply email us and we can happily create that size for you.

Q: How do I hang my backdrop?
A: The most popular method of hanging backdrops is on a backdrop stand using clamps that allow you to quickly switch out one backdrop for another during shoots. Another option is to have us professionally add a pole pocket or grommets along the top of your backdrops. You can purchase our pole pocket or grommets service on each product page at the same time you are ordering your backdrops. You can purchase our stands, clamps and any other type of photography equipment in our Equipment collection:

Q: Is there a difference between backdrops and floor drops?
A: Not at all! Our drops are printed in your choice of vinyl, polypro or canvas. Get creative! Many people use our "backdrops" as floor drops and our "floor drops" as backdrops!

Q: Can you create a custom backdrop for me?
A: Absolutely! Just email us at with details of what you want and we can happily quote you!

Q: Can I cancel an order just placed with you?
A: We strive to print and ship all orders within the quickest turnaround time in the industry. Our production warehouse is running 24/7 which means your order is immediately pulled, printed and shipped directly to you without hesitation. Sometimes orders are printed within minutes of order placement to keep up with demand and to ensure that your order is printed, dried and shipped within our listed speedy turnaround time. We are that quick!!! Due to this service, we cannot cancel an order once it has been placed due to the complimentary rush service we offer our customers.

Q: How can I reach customer service regarding questions I have about an order?
A: The very best way to reach our courteous customer service staff is via email at We do not currently offer a customer service phone line however we're proud to say that we reply to emails super fast! We're always here and ready to help you with any and all questions or concerns you may have!


- We ship anywhere in the United States using either FedEx or USPS, UPS and we do accept P.O. Box addresses.
- All photography backdrops are printed to order and ship within 1-2 business days.
- Allow anywhere from 2-5 business days on average for delivery once your order has left our production warehouse for backdrops. Photography equipment orders ship separately from backdrops as they cannot be combined into the backdrop shipping tubes and generally take 5-7 business days to arrive, however delivery time frames can vary occasionally depending on your exact location.
- Tracking will be emailed to you for reference at time of shipment.
- Our photography backdrops are shipped rolled (never folded) to ensure your drops remain flat, uncreased and undamaged, for immediate use. If your drop does become wrinkled, simply lay flat face side down until wrinkles have been removed.
- Be sure you enter your mailing address correctly within your order for proper delivery. Also, be sure that your provided mailing address accepts deliveries from both FedEx and USPS. The Backdrop Shop will not be held responsible for shipments that are undeliverable due to refusal of packages, the wrong address provided or if our chosen shipping carriers do not deliver to the provided address and our shipping warehouse is not properly notified by customer at time of order placement. If refusal or incorrect/insufficient information is provided and packages are returned back to our warehouse, it is the responsibility of the customer to pay for return shipping back to them in order to receive their order. 
- Delays in shipments or deliveries due to unavoidable weather conditions, general mis-routing or stalls by USPS or Fedex are extremely rare although if such incidents occur, The Backdrop Shop understandably cannot be held responsible. 

- Please note that stands and other non backdrop items ship directly from the manufacturer and can take 5-7 business days in transit and may have a slightly longer processing times. While most items can not be rushed we can accommodate rush shipping on both backdrop stands. Please email for more info.

- International shipping will be handled by USPS Global Priority Mail and will require a signature for delivery. 
- All photography backdrops are printed to order and ship within 1-2 business days.
- Allow anywhere from 7-15 business days (on average) for delivery once your order has left our production warehouse.
- Please note that your order total does not include any customs fees, brokerage fees or duties that your country may charge. These fees are the responsibility of the buyer and are in no way included in your invoice total. We have no way of knowing if or when any particular country might charge these fees as this is determined by each country according to their specific guidelines and standards. This can change from order to order and can be high in some countries. Even if you have never been charged any fees before you may be charged at some point. We are happy to mark your packages as "GIFT" upon request as marking our international packages this way has helped some customers in the past (although this does not guarantee that fees won't be imposed by your country).



- Due to the custom nature of our product, no returns or refunds will be accepted. 
- If your purchase arrives damaged or defective, we require that you contact us within 3 days of delivery to arrange for a replacement. This policy is based on the date in which tracking shows delivery has been confirmed at your shipping address. Please be sure to email us with the specific type of damage so that we can better assist you in the replacement process. Replacements for damaged items will be sent in lieu of refunds due to the custom nature of our services and products. Should your package be missdelivered due to postal error or marked delivered but the customer can not locate the package the customer must contact their local post office for a resolution. We are not responsible for lost packages. Should we make an exception to this policy ONLY replacements can be sent and NO refunds will be given. 

- For international orders, The Backdrop Shop will not be held responsible for shipments that are undeliverable, unclaimed or refused due to failure to pay any duties or taxes imposed by your country. Please understand that, although rare, any duties or taxes imposed by your country is out of our control as these fees are randomly chosen by customs. If a package is returned for this reason, it will be the responsibility of the customer to pay for the reshipment of the package back to them. 
- If an order does not arrive within the shipping times listed above or if an order does not arrive in time using any type of express shipping upgrades due to any unforeseen errors or delays from our shipping carriers with no fault of our own, no refunds, exchanges or replacements can be issued. Although extremely rare, as with every shipping carrier, delays and misroutings can occasionally happen and if this occurs, we will contact the shipping carrier to request either a partial or full shipping refund, depending on what their policies cover. If their policies deem a refund to be issued, we will happily refund you the amount owed within the scope of their policies. 
-On occasion, our photography equipment and supplies may ship directly from the manufacturer. If return instructions are included from the manufacturer with your order, please note we do not accept returns regardless as all orders are treated as custom ordered items on an as ordered basis.
Very Important: Remove staples before removing backdrops from shipping tube to prevent damage when sliding backdrops out. Scratching and heavy tearing can occur if staples are not removed prior to sliding the backdrops out of the tubes. These heavy duty staples are placed there to secure your order while shipping. The Backdrop Shop cannot be held responsible for damage to backdrops accidentally caused by our customers due to not removing staples from the shipping tube prior to pulling them out. 
- The Backdrop Shop cannot be held responsible for damages to our drops during typical use such as (but is not limited to) incorrectly rolling or folding drops before and after use, moving props to cause scratches or dents, spills from liquids, etc. Treat your backdrops with care. Remember to always gently roll your drops removing wrinkles before storing. Be sure that any furniture or props used on top of our drops have the proper backing on their feet to prevent any wear and tear that naturally occurs during photoshoots. Also, take caution with liquids or foods to not stain and ensure our drops will be kept in perfect condition for years to come!



Please note that every computer has different color and resolution settings so colors shown on your screen may vary slightly from the actual print depending on your settings.

Our backdrops are printed images only. For example, "glitter backdrops" do not actually contain glitter materials but instead is a high quality glitter image to make your backdrop appear to contain real glitter. Item titles within our shop that include words like "linen", "fabric", or any other descriptive term is simply referring to the image printed onto our drops and does not indicate that the backdrop will contain any other materials other than the materials listed out within each product page.

Due to the 10x8 size, all 10ft x 8ft backdrops that have an added pole pocket will have the pole pocket sent unattached with instructions on how to attach it.

Please note that if if you submit photos of our backdrops in use to The Backdrop Shop, we reserve the right to feature your images within our product listings and promotions of any kind whether within our own shops or third party websites promoting our products. 

Due to heavy order volume and processing times we can not refund orders for forgotten coupon codes at this time. It is important to apply coupon codes at the time of checkout. 

Kindly note that if you enter any comments, questions or instructions in the comments section at checkout but do not email customer service directly at, it is possible that your comments will be missed by our warehouse staff. Our warehouse staff works separately from our customer service staff so we encourage any questions or instructions about your order to be directly emailed to our customer service team to ensure you are properly taken care of. Please also note that if you do not contact us via email prior to your order being placed, there is a possibility that your order will be printed and/or shipped before your email is received. This is because we proudly print and ship faster than anyone in the industry! We urge any special order comments or instructions to be discussed with customer service prior to orders being placed to ensure that your order is properly handled before production occurs. Once production occurs, we are sometimes unable to make changes to your order as each order is printed on a custom order basis.