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Bokeh & Glitter Backdrops

Bokeh & Glitter Backdrops

bokeh-canvas-1.jpg Bokeh photography backdrops and glitter photography backdrops will lend such a beautiful and artistic quality to your pictures. While many of us are already familiar with the sparkle and shine of what a glitter photo background depicts, some may not be familiar with what a bokeh studio backdrop is. 

What exactly does bokeh mean? When it comes to photography, a bokeh simple means something that is out of focus. Therefore, a bokeh background for photos is a backdrop that is out of focus. Why would a photographer want to use a bokeh prop? It looks quite beautiful and will add a layer of dimension and depth to pictures. In addition, because it is slightly blurry, it will frame and really make the subject pop and stand out. 

Whether you opt for a bokeh studio prop or glitter studio prop, your pictures are going to come out fabulous. We especially love these items for children’s photography shoots, teen photo sessions, dance photography shoots, Sweet Sixteen photos, prom photography shoots and even school portrait shoots. The blur and look of glimmer is quite glamorous, and that glamour will really come through in your photos. Browse through everything from blue bokeh photo backdrops and heart glitter backdrops, to pink bokeh backgrounds and holiday-theme bokeh backdrops. 

With so many different designs to choose from, you will be in photography heaven. There is every color imaginable, and that’s not all! Our vinyl photo backdrops are also affordable. But don’t let our cheap photo backdrops fool you. The price may be low, but the quality in incredibly high and will last you through many photoshoots. You are going to be very impressed with your purchase. We highly suggest purchasing a bokeh or glitter background in different sizes and colors so that you always have exactly what you need readily available.