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Bed & Headboard Backdrops

Bed & Headboard Backdrops

il-fullxfull.496920024-oyfx.jpg To get a bit personal with your photography sessions, you can’t go wrong with a bed photo backdrop or a headboard photo backdrop. It is a way to give a deeper connection between those looking at these intimate photos and the subjects being featured. And what is amazing about vinyl, bed photo props are that they will work to convey such a range of emotion, you will be blown away. 

Soft, comfortable and elegant bed studio backgrounds, such as ones that are tufted, neutral in color or have a vintage look to them would be a lovely choice as a baby photo backdrop. We can also see designs like these being used for parents who would want to take a family portrait with their newborn. The end result will be so sweet and give off such wonderful feelings of love. We also love using these studio backgrounds for bridal photo shoots or wedding photo shoots. You will get that genuine look, without having to set up actual furniture. 

And now for something on the complete opposite side of the spectrum, vinyl headboard photography backgrounds would also work extremely well for adult photography props or boudoir photography backdrops. A rich red, deep purple or luxe gold headboard photography background is sophisticated, but sexy at the same time. 

Are you new to vinyl photography backdrops? Then we have to warn you because you are going to fall in love with the ease of using them. There are so many wonderful things about shooting with vinyl backgrounds, including how light they are, how they don’t product a glare in pictures, how they won’t tear, how easy they are to transport and how fast you can clean them off. Once you try a vinyl photography background, you are going to want to stock up on them for a variety of your photo sessions.