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About The Backdrop Shop's Founders & Team...

We are a husband and wife team who enjoy the challenge of creating and running successful businesses. With diverse backgrounds ranging from design, law, advocacy and marketing we have what it takes to create unique and lasting businesses that consistently engage our customers with fabulous products.

On a personal note, we are both life long avid animal defenders and are very passionate about animal welfare and adoption advocacy. We have a house full of furbabies, which we consider our first born children and we have an adopted daughter (on two legs!) that we adore in an embarrassingly gushy way. Happily vegetarian for over 15 years, we cherish our planet and the animals that share this world with us. 

We work very hard and believe in being an asset to this beautiful world we live in. We have strong moral values and a desire to make a difference in everything we touch. We are all here for a purpose and for us, that purpose is to give back. We believe in positive thinking and being good to all beings around us - a good friend, partner, parent, fellow being, you name it. 
We are lucky to have an amazing team of people that we are proud to have on board with us each and every day. We're happy to say that our entire staff is full of good people who have a strong work ethic with equally kind hearts. 

You'll love shopping with The BackdropShop and feel good about your purchases with us knowing your orders are coming from a happy place!